Thursday, February 7, 2013


Lynn provides a wealth of upcyclable resources.


Why not UPCYCLE the entire City?


Don't panic!

This is not about trashing everything and starting over.

Look at the picture above.

Lynn's a great place.

Upcycle Lynn is all about making what we have more valuable.


My first intention is to sell my Upcycle Lynn products right here in Lynn.

As the project moves ahead, these original pieces will gain in value...a local artist's early work is always the most valuable.

Supporters will be rewarded...your purchase will be an investment in Upcycle Lynn's success.

All proceeds will go directly toward development of the following project...


Let's start with The Harbor.

Lynn Harbor is our Gateway to a Brighter Future.

The initial plan is simple..." Announce it, and it will happen."

The rest of the world needs to learn about Upcycle Lynn.

I have already established a strong internet presence...The Foundation, if you will.

This didn't start yesterday.


I wrote the above phrase in 1992.

It was the beginning of Lynn's "Art and Internet Revival".

The City hoped to alter the "City if Sin" connotation, making it into "City of ...", with the dit, dit, dit representing famous Lynn firsts.

Here's what Wikipedia offers on 'the city of sin' project.

In order to counter the reputation as "the city of sin", Lynn created an advertising campaign in the early 1990s to improve the city's image. The "City Of Firsts" campaign boasted that Lynn had the:


The Tapley Building was to become the focal point of Lynn's creative resurgence.

My "Lynn, Lynn, City of ..." phrase was painted backwards on the inside of the Tapley Building's fifth floor windows, facing the Lynnway.

Perhaps some of you remember seeing it up there above the Broad St. traffic lights, glistening in the afternoon sunshine, beckoning all to get involved in the fresh start for Lynn.

It was there for several years before being replaced with a sign saying PEST REMOVAL.

I always got a chuckle from that, but what it really meant was that the "Art and Internet Revival" was going nowhere.

PEST REMOVAL was a better fit for Lynn.


1992 was over twenty years ago.

While the "Art and Internet Revival" has gone the way of The Blue Line, Pro Sports, and coffee for a nickel, I still love the idea.

In fact, I've taken it all the way to now.

"Art and Internet" is still the way to go.

If you are reading this, we've already connected via the internet.

Below you will find links to stories and artwork...Words 'n' Pitchas if you are from Lynn.

Take a look.

"Art and Internet" will fuel the UPCYCLE process.

This webpage is a portal to understanding where we stand, and how to get things rolling.

It should provide plenty of ideas about how this whole UPCYCLE plan will work.

Check this out and TALK IT UP!

The LYNN MARITIME FUTURE CENTER GALLERY is all about "Art and Internet".

It will become the focal point of Lynn's GENUINE creative resurgence.

Above is a sample...brighten your home, office, or cubicle with a Window On the the Schooner to see more...


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